Governors - What do they do?


School governors in the UK are appointed (or elected) by a range of different bodies: the local authority, the diocese (in the case of church schools), the community, staff and parents.

As a body, Overbury First School governors are wholly committed to the school and to doing everything possible to ensure that the best possible learning experience is provided for all our children in a setting where staff and pupils feel well supported. In a small school such as ours, whilst our role is one of strategic overview, we are closely involved in many aspects of school.

The governors attend two full governing body meetings per term in the autumn and spring terms and one in the summer term. In addition, there are two clearly defined committees which meet at least twice every term:

1. Teaching and Learning which covers the curriculum, staffing issues and the school development plan.

2. Resources, which covers finances, health & safety issues, school premises and marketing.

Each governor belongs to one of these two committees.

In addition each individual governor has personal responsibility for one or more different areas. These comprise head teacher liaison; governor training; governor visits; health & safety; e-safety; safeguarding; special needs; looked after children; the curriculum (literacy, numeracy, RE, worship, ICT and the arts); the building; data; finance, and sustainability.

We are kept very busy! If you have any questions or queries please do contact one of the parent governors in the first instance.