Sundial Class

Welcome to Sundial Class. This class is for pupils in Year 4 and 5. We work very hard in Sundial and as the oldest in the school we have lots of responsibilities. We lead assemblies and our assembly monitors work with the teachers to get the right music, songs and prayers. We run charity events such as toy sales and the second hand uniform sale. We are currently working hard to ‘Grow a Pound’, to support the new build. Buddy readers enable us to help the younger pupils in their learning and develops our own understanding of working with others.

We work very hard and like the other classes have a topic each term or half term, which we work on as a ‘Learning Journey’. We often communicate our findings through presentations, drama or a ‘gallery’ of our work. We have a lot of fun in our learning, which helps us to make progress.

Throughout the year we participate in cluster events working with other local schools in festivals such as the language and music festivals, or sporting events such as tag rugby and bellboating.

For the year 5’s in Sundial this is their last year at Overbury and they attend several transition events where they get to meet and mix with other Year 5’s before they move to middle school.

Link to Sundial Timetable Autumn 2017 , Sundial Curriculum Map Autumn 2017 2 and Sundial Curriculum Letter to Parenrs Autumn 2017.

Have a look at some of our photos to see what Sundial Class has been doing recently.