Welcome to Sheldon Class!


This is where Year 2 and 3 come to learn. We like learning in a variety of different ways because we know that everyone is different. We try hard to take risks and ‘have a go’ even if we are not sure how things will turn out.

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Learning can sometimes be tricky so we make sure that we all have a learning partner to help us when we need it. Everyone in the class looks out for one another and tries their hardest to improve. Working together is great fun and in Sheldon Class we like to create artwork, music, videos and drama together to help us with our learning.

As well as working hard in Literacy and Maths we also enjoy our topic work. Following our learning journey, we get to find out all about different topics and explore them through Science, History, Geography, Art, Music and lots of other subjects. We also get the chance to say what we want to learn about!

Link to Sheldon Topic outline grid for parents Autumn 2018 and .Letter to parents - Autumn Term 1 2018