History of our school


The School Fire of 1924

One of the earliest pictures of our school was taken after the school fire in 1924.

The fire started in the coal room at 3.30a.m. on Febuary 16th 1924. A boy woke up to find the main building in flames.

He ran in and rescued the logbook. He rang Tewkesbury fire brigade which was unable to attend. Instead Gloucester fire brigade managed to put out the flames by 6.30p.m. The main room had lost its floor and was missing a section of roof.

The small class room was practically undamaged.

The school in 1926

This is a picture of our infant class more than 80 years ago.The teacher, who was called Miss Rice, can be seen standing at the back of the class.

There are 16 well behaved children in the room, all sitting up straight. The age range of the class is broader than it would be today. If they misbehaved then they might have had their bottom smacked with a cane or their hand with a ruler.

The uniform was very smart but everyone wore different clothes (uniform). This picture was taken in 1926.

The School in 1943

This is the school pictured next to the Maypole in 1943, there were about 30 children attending at the time.

We can not identify anyone in this picture because there were no names in the photo book. If you identify yourself in this picture please contact us using our e-mail address.

The Tradition of Maypole Dancing

This is a photo of Maypole Dancing at Overbury School in 1948.That was over 60 years ago. The children have different clothes than us today. The boys wore funny clothes. They wore long grey socks and shorts. The girls look more the same but do not wear flowers in their hair.

We all think that Maypole Dancing is fun and we do it during the summer term. Some of the dance's names are the spider's web and the gypsy's tent, Barber's pole and the double plait.