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Older reports

Below is the "Letter to Pupils" dated 5 October 2009 which summarises the findings of the full 2009 Ofsted Report.

Dear Pupils,

Inspection of Overbury Church of England First School, Overbury, Worcestershire GL20 7NT

Thank you for your welcome when my team and I visited your school recently. We
enjoyed seeing the school because it is good with some things that are excellent.

We especially liked:
* your excellent behaviour, your enjoyment of school and the way you look out
for one another
* the above average standards you reach in English and mathematics
* the good progress you make and the good teaching that helps you do this
* the outstanding progress you make in reading
* the outstanding care and guidance staff provide, which help you feel very
safe, and show you how to live healthily
* the headteacher’s clear and good quality leadership, which sets such high
expectations of your conduct and learning
* the way the school links with the life of the local community.

If the school is to become even better it needs to:
* make sure more lessons enable you to make excellent progress by giving you
more challenging work
* help you to make better progress in problem solving and calculation skills in
mathematics to become excellent as well.
Best wishes for the rest of your time at Overbury.

Yours faithfully, Bob Drew, Lead Inspector